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Attorneys at Law
Our years of legal experience allows us to recognize many different aspects of your legal matter.  This blueprint fosters better results for your case.    
V & B attorneys are skilled litigators.  We stand ready to assist you reach an amicable resolution to your case, inside or outside the courtroom.
+ Years Experience (combined)
V & B believes in representing our clients with honesty, pride and perserverance.  You can trust us to handle your case with respect and professionalism.
Why Vanderpool & Brown, LLP?

Competent legal representatives fighting for individuals and businesses.

  • V & B is a stakeholder in serving our client's best legal interests.
  • Our priority is our client.
  • Our attorneys provide hands-on and personal legal representation.
  • We can breakdown complex legal matters for client understanding.
  • Our firm handles cases all over Harris and surrounding counties.

Vanderpool & Brown, LLP is competent to handle a diverse range of legal matters. Focusing on you our client, and your legal matter, remains our number one priority. We have the legal knowledge and tools necessary to help navigate you to favorable results.

With our legal team on your side, you can have confidence knowing that your case is in capable and experienced hands.

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V & B Mission
To represent your legal interests with honesty, pride and perserverance.
Areas of Practice
Civil Litigation
From businesses, to individuals, to large corporations, whether you have been served with a lawsuit or you want redress for your damages, you will need attorneys on your side who will use Texas law to your benefit.  We may even be able to succeed in your case before it goes to trial.  Let Vanderpool & Brown, LLP use our advocate services to help navigate your case.
 Family Law

Vanderpool & Brown, LLP is experienced in the area of family law and can handle any aspect of family law proceedings. If you need representation for a guardianship, adoption, divorce or custody hearing, including complex matters, we have the experience and knowledge you need to get a fair and legal result.  
Wills and Probate
Our attorneys can also help protect your financial assets, property, and children from unfair probate rulings or inequitable division.  Let Vanderpool & Brown, LLP help put your final wishes into effect.
Business and Corporate
V & B can help advise your corporation regarding legal rights and duties,including assisting with contracts, third-party agreements, and general litigation.  We can also help you understand your legal relationships with regulatory agencies, customers, and other business colleagues.
Bankruptcy is a legal process through which people or other entities who cannot repay debts to creditors seek relief from some or all of their debts. Bankruptcy is imposed by a court order. Should you find yourself underwater with bills, debts or foreclosure, let Vanderpool & Brown, LLP assist you in seeking relief.
  Employment and Labor Law
Our firm can help your business navigate wage and labor laws, FLSA claims, and other legal matters concerning your employees. This complex area of law deserves experienced attorneys. Trust Vanderpool & Brown, LLP to help you.
 Federal SNAP Defense
Because they are such a valuable resource to communities across the nation, any retail grocer charged with SNAP violations deserves to be heard…and deserves a fair hearing. Vanderpool & Brown, LLP will fight for your store.  Click here for more.
Real Estate
Vanderpool & Brown, LLP provides a wide range of real estate legal services in the Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Deed preparation, Lien removal, Contract review, Affidavit of heirship, owner financing docs, and much more.
Criminal Defense
Let Vanderpool & Brown, LLP assist you with misdemeanor, felony charges in Harris County and surrounding areas. Depending on the facts of your case, we may be able to get your case dismissed before it goes to trial.  Call us today.
(281) 974-3538
13201 Northwest Freeway, Suite 702
Houston, Texas 77040
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13201 Northwest Freeway, Suite 702
 Houston, Texas 77040

 Satellite Office
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 11200 Broadway, Ste. 2743
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